25 Most Heart Touching Sad quotes For Broken Hearts

Life is full of ups and downs. There are moments of joy and those ones which are best forgotten due to the sadness associated with them. Occasionally one may experience hard times of anguish due to various unfortunate occurrences. These may be the loss of a loved one; the disruption of a relationship, or even a failure of some sort. At such times, powerful words are some of the things that can help such individuals to cope with the situation. Some of these are illustrated by this show case of 25 great quotes that will touch them to the core and help in alleviating the pain.
This showcase contains various kinds of sad quotes that will help any sad individual to recover from their anguish. To start us of, there are some quotes that console. These are appropriate for people who might be going through a hard time such as the loss of a loved one or some valuable asset. These quotes will go a long way in consoling people undergoing such an experience and help them pick up the pieces, brush off the dust and move on stronger than ever before. They console and help any sad person to wipe away their tears and carry on with life.
Secondly, I have also compiled quotes that encourage. These can be told to people at the time when they feel like giving up and need the strength to persevere during this trying period of time. They encourage people suffering from extreme anguish to look beyond their present struggles and find their inner strength to move on and find happiness once more. These are appropriate quotes which you will not only find useful in times of suffering but you can also share with friends and family to boost their morale.
Finally, there are quotes which express a sense of longing. These are sayings from which people who are undergoing a deep sense of loss due to longing for their loved ones can draw inspiration and strength from. All these quotes are accompanied by marvelous and beautiful pictures that clearly reinforce the message being passed and make it more encouraging, consoling or inspiring as they should be. They are great quotes for sharing with anyone who might be going through a tough time in their lives as they can be downloaded and shared freely.

Until You Went Away:

My heart Never Knew Loneliness Until You Went Away. I’m missing you.
My heart Never Knew Loneliness

Love Is Person:

You think about during sad songs.
Love is Person

 I Never Dreamed The Sea So Deep:

I never dreamed the sea so deep, the earth so dark, so long my asleep.
I Never Dreamed The Sea So Deep

Part Of Me Wont Go Away:

Part of me won’t go away. Everyday reminded how much I hate it.
Part Of Me Wont Go Away

Did I Change:

Did I change? Or did you stopped loving me.
Did I Change

Never Put Your Happiness In Someone Else:

Never puts your happiness in someone else’s hands.
Never Put Your Happiness In Someone Else

I still Love You

I loved you yesterday. I love you still. I always have.
I still Love You

 When The World turns:

When the world turns, it’s nice to have someone upside down with you.
When the world turns

Its Hard To Forget

   Its hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember.

It's hard to forget

Sometimes It Takes Losing Someone:

Sometimes it takes losing something to realize what you have had.
sometimes it takes loosing someone

Love Comes Like a Dream:

Love sometimes comes like a dream and leaves like a nightmare.
Love Come Like a Dream

You Come To Teach Me:

You came into my life only to teach me how to live alone.
You Come To Teach Me

I do not Understand love:

I do not understand love at all.. I guess its beauty is only at the beginning.
I do not understand love

How Can I Tell You:

How can i tell you i miss you.
How Can I Tell You

Love Change Thinking:

Love makes another way of thinking.
Love Change Thinking

You Are Tasteless:

You are tasteless, inappropriate and heart totally hilarious.
You are tasteless

Wishing For You Right By My Side:

Wishing for you right by my side everyday and every night.
Wishing for you right by my side

You Look Sad:

You look sad when you think he can’t see you.
You look sad

We Always Ignore The Ones:

We always ignore the ones who adore us.
We always ignore the ones who adore us.

Part Of Me Will Always Love You:

But Its okay, Because I let you go a long time ago.
But Its okay, Because I let you go a long time ago.

 There Is Rainbow After Rain

There is always a rainbow after the rain.
There Is Rainbow After Rain

My Heart Is in My Head

My Heart is in my head and my head is in my heart. To be honest I don’t know who to believe.
My Heart Is in My Head

 Love Is When You Can curse At The world:

Love is when you can curse at the world  and there’s someone there to look at you like you are not crazy..
Love Is When You Can curse At The world

I am just disappointed

I am just disappointed

I Was Fine Before You:

I was fine before you and I’ll be fine without you.
I Was Fine Before You

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